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Become a THFI Affiliate

Affiliate Programme Terms and Conditions

The referral programme is designed to remunerate individuals who refer successful new people to The Health and Fitness Institute. The term successful is defined by any referral subsequently booking a course with THFI. The referral of individuals employed by, or remunerated from (insert organisation/s) is not included within the scope of this programme.


For all successful sales, the fee will be paid to the referrer following the reconciliation period and the following terms have been met. 1) the referee has paid in full and, 2) the 14 day cooling off period has passed. The reconciliation is conducted on or around the 15th day of the following month. The fees are only applicable to bookings from referees who are “New Prospects.” A New Prospect is someone who hasn’t enquired with THFI before OR who has previously enquired but not within the last 6 month period. No retrospective fees will be paid under any circumstances, i.e. a referee has already booked and successfully paid.


The referrer will be paid 5% of Course Fees after any discounts and taxes are applied.

It is the responsibility of the referrer for any HMRC self-assessment reporting.