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How to boost your clients' fitness success with the right support system

How to boost your clients' fitness success with the right support system
Most gym-goers believe that motivation and hard work are all that’s needed for fitness success.

But there’s more to the equation than this because when the going gets tough, and motivation drops, 90% of people fail.

Fitness professionals worth their salt know this. They understand that their clients need to build a good support system to stay accountable and successfully reach that end goal.

The gold standard is hiring a personal trainer, but a good support network can include friends, family, co-workers, or an online fitness community.

So why is having a fitness network so important for your fitness goals? And how do you build one?

Whether you’re a gym goer struggling to see results, or a personal trainer looking to help their clients get in better shape, this article tells you what you need to know...

Why a strong support system matters for fitness success

Whatever goals your clients are chasing, having the backing of a support network is crucial for success. Whether this means having friends to train with, a supportive spouse, or the objective eye of a coach, people are more likely to succeed with their goals.

Research backs this up – social support is shown to positively influence your activity levels, how well you stick to a workout program, your self-efficacy, and the health outcomes you achieve.

The benefits are many, but here are some of the main reasons a support network is vital:

Clients will stay on track better

If you want your clients to stay committed to specific goals, having a support system in place is important. It doesn’t just mean having a trainer there to give encouragement during a workout, your clients also need people behind them to keep them accountable outside the gym, ensuring they turn up for workouts, and reminding them of their ‘why’ when things get tough.  

They will learn more

It’s not always easy when you’re going through a fitness journey alone. You will likely be second-guessing yourself – “Am I making progress?” “Should I change up my workouts?” “What should I eat after a workout.” This is why having a support network, like a mentor, personal trainer, or online community, can give  invaluable advice and guidance. You can use experience or insights to guide clients through their journey. You will be a great source of guidance on workouts, recovery, diet, injury, or whatever challenges you’re facing to make hitting your goals easier.

They will enjoy it more

Life is always more fun with friends, and the same goes for a clients fitness journey. They will likely to enjoy your workouts more with the variety and social interaction that a good friendship network brings. It might be having a group of friends who enjoy activities like hiking, cycling, or football together. It could be doing a group fitness class together for added fun and motivation. Or even having a like-minded community behind them online who have the same interests and passions.

Clients will cope better

It’s never plain sailing when it comes to fitness. Progress is never linear, obstacles will crop up, and there will be times when stress and fatigue get the better of you. Having strong emotional support behind you is important. It can help you cope with stressors and setbacks that might otherwise derail your progress alone.

Friends and family can be a soundboard to help you vent or ease your mind about worries or frustrations. Workout buddies who understand what you’re doing through can help you feel supported. Or a professional coach can give you objective advice and refocus you when you need a little perspective.

How to Build Your Support System

It can take time and effort to lay the foundations of a strong support system. You might need to get friends and family onside, find a dependable gym partner, or hiring a trainer that aligns with your goals. But in the long run, it’s going to make your goals easier to achieve. Here are some of the steps you or your clients can take to set up your support network.

Identify your clients needs

You can’t build the support system you need without first considering what kind of support you actually need. Do you need someone to work out with? Do you work better with one-to-one support or in a group training setting? Are you the type of person who needs more accountability, or are you disciplined and self-motivated? Once you understand what’s going to help you reach your goals, you can start putting things in place and find the right people to get there quicker and easier.

Tap into your existing network

The simplest way to build your support system is to reach out to your existing network of friends, family, or co-workers. First, simply tell them your fitness goals, or ask them for help and advice. You might want to invite them to exercise with you or come along to a class or activity with you. Be honest about what you need or expect from them.

Joining a fitness community

Search for a fitness community or group that shares the same interests and passions as your clients. Finding your ‘tribe’ will give you an amazing source of support, camaraderie, guidance, feedback, and inspiration. You might find it at a fitness class, a running group, a BootCamp, or a local gym. Or you might find it with an online forum, a Facebook group, an app, or a group that organises events or challenges.